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Fluid Temperature Gauge Mechanical (52mm)
Parts Description
180-101 TEMP., 265F, 72" CAP. LGTH.

Kit Includes Ga. Matched Sender w/ 1/8-27NPTF and Adapters.



Fluid Temperature Gauge Electrical (52mm)
Parts Description
310-106 TEMP., 300F, 12V, Spade
310-105 TEMP., 250F, 12V, Spade
310-109 TEMP., 150C, 12V, Spade

Speedos feature an Auto-Calibration and Resettable LCD Tripodometer

Programmable Tachometer
Parts Description
333-159 52mm TACH, 12V, 8k RPM
333-965 52mm TACH, 12V, 4k RPM
333-952 85mm TACH, 12v, 3kRPM

Mechanical Pressure Ga. Available Please contact us

Pyrometer Electrical (52mm)
Parts Description
310-153 Pyro. Kit, 12' Harness, 1650F, 12V,
310-151 Pyrometer Gauge Only, 1650F, 12V




Oil Pressure Gauges (52mm)
Parts Description
350-104 Oil Pressure, 12V, Spade Connection, 80PSI
350-110 Trans Pressure, 12V, Spade Connection, 400PSI
350-109 Oil Pressure, 12V, Spade Connection, 150PSI


Vision Black


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Air Pressure Gauges Electrical (52mm)
Parts Description
350-111 52 mm Front Air Pressure, 150 PSI, 12V, Spade Connection
350-112 52 mm Rear Air Pressure, 150 PSI, 12V, Spade Connection

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Programmable Speedometers W/ LCD Hourmeter
Parts Description
333-164 85mm TACH, 12/24V, 6k RPM
333-163 85mm TACH, 12/24V, 4k RPM
333-162 85mm TACH, 12/24V, 3k RPM
Programmable Speedometers LCD TRIP.
Parts Description
437-152 85mm SPEEDO 12/24V, 85M/130K
437-151 80mm SPEEDO, PROG. 120 MPH
437-159 100mm SPEEDO, 220M/350K